We're on the hunt!

We, here at Rain City Studio, are busy searching for a retail space to call our own. We've spent all week touring different properties and weighing the pros and cons of every space. There have been a few spaces that we fell in love with, but just weren't in the cards at this time. But guess what? Nothing is certain quite yet, but we've narrowed our choices down to only a few special spaces! It's exciting, and so much fun to dream as we walk through each space, trying to picture what it would look like with our products & displays

New Product Roll Outs

We've been busy experimenting and working like mad scientists in the lab this month. There are a few fun products currently curing on our racks, and will be ready for purchase in about 6 weeks or so!

What's on the curing rack?

Jack Frost

This is a 100% coconut oil soap that is loaded with a bunch of extra oils that will leave your skin feeling soft and not overly dried out. It's scented with a blend of wintergreen and peppermint.

Not Too Pretty to Use

Our stock was getting low on our simplest bar! This soap smells clean and fresh, and is a just a simple white soap that lathers well.

Soap Cupcakes

As someone who is trying to watch her weight... let me tell you that making soap cupcakes totally satisfies my inner fat kid without adding inches to my thighs. These ones are scented with Day of the Dead, which is like an electric lime kind of scent.

To use, simply lather up with a pouf or washcloth, or if you prefer, cut the cupcake in half to give you a flat side and use right on your skin in the shower. This gives you 2 bars of soap!

We'll definitely be making more of these so stay tuned!

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