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From Our Founder

I have battled an autoimmune disease and skin condition for over ten years. I was on a journey to find products that would help my skin. So many on the market made claims that just didn't seem to hold up.  Or worse, they used ingredients that could do more harm than good. When I couldn't find products that I liked in the market, I decided to create my own. 


I'll never forget my first soap volcano that led to flying globs of oil and lye smattering the walls & counters of my kitchen.  But I loved it. I know what every ingredient does, where it comes from and how to pronounce it.  It wasn't long after my volcano incident, I realized I needed to save my kitchen and turned a large part of my home into a fully working lab.  And now, years later, with formulas I love and trust, I create products that even I love to use.      


My husband and teenage daughter work with me and Rain City Studio is a healthy, growing business that we're all incredibly proud of.  We work with other small businesses and do what we can to help each other to succeed in a world that often overlooks the little guy. We want to do some good... for the communities we serve, for the customers we love, and for our own homes and bodies.


It is my hope that you try our products and see how great they will make you feel.  

- Jen

Soap is Dope!


Life is too serious.  Have a little fun in your shower.  Get your soap on!

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