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Perfectly Groomed

We make products to help you look good.  

It's All About That Brush!

A high-quality brush is just what you need to experience a better, closer shave.  These brushes build up a rich and warm lather to help protect  and soothe your skin. They also help water work into the skin, softening the beard and lifting it for a closer shave.  Using a brush can also help to gently exfoliate and even help in preventing ingrown hairs.

Our Pitch

Look... we could write a whole lot of marketing blather about why you should choose Rain City Studio over the other guys.  But that's not really our style. 


Ultimately - we're here to make you look & feel good, while using the best ingredients we can, responsibly sourced, and made to reduce our harmful impacts on the planet at the same time.  Oh - and we don't want it to cost an arm and a leg. 



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